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Why Choose Cyber Analytics Energy Market Analysis (EMA) and Energy News Recap (ENR) Products?

Stock market behavior can be highly affected by fake news and cyber attacks, making it hard to explain poor business performance and throwing off financial forecasts and fiscal outlooks.

Cyber Analytics Energy Market Analysis (EMA) and Energy News Recap (ENR) can help!

Our trademarked EMA and ENR software provides executives insight into market behavior and key drivers behind stock price fluctuation. Our products are integrated with highly sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) infrastructure using deep learning techniques that have the ability to track, verify and rate online news sources, research providers and analyst reviews. Given the size of today’s daily consumed data, it is near impossible to pinpoint news outlets and their credibility as trusted sources. Cyber Analytics, using its proprietary data analysis platform, is the only AI service provider that executives rely on in gaining behind-the- scenes market insights to make informed decisions allowing them to maximize their profit, reduce overhead cost and increase efficiency.


Oil & gas executives, market analysts, investment officers and energy enthusiasts can take advantage of the data analytics provided by EMA and ENR to make informed business decisions, generate pre-investment valuation, and evaluate ROI opportunities.

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    Cyber Analytics Step 1: The first step in our process is the interview. Our clients can either invite us to their office to explain the problem. We take notes or fill up an interview questionnaire based on customer convenience.

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    Cyber Analytics Step 2: Upon collecting the answers from the interview, our team customizes our products to the customer needs and prepare a step by step guide on the system usage. Also, we provide one or more training sessions.

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    Cyber Analytics Step 3: We provide full support for our customers both technical and analytical. In addition to technical support, our customers can use a simple form to request custom market reports, research, presentations, and more.

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